Swim Spa Model ESW 3.0x

  • The swim spa ESW 3.0x is 4.30m long, combining sportiness and relaxation together within one space. Its two areas, pool and spa, allow you to maximize the use of a pool and the benefits of a spa.

    Six turbo Jets are facilitated in the swimming area to create perfect countercurrent water flow and great balance for user to enjoy the endless swimming. 3 persons can enjoy 30 water jets for a session of relaxing massage. The seats are deep so that the body can always be submerged with water up to shoulder height. The headrests are soft and comfortable. 7 jets are specially placed to provide the neck a deep massage to target pressure points so to help to release tension.

  • ESW 30x 2
    ESW 3.0x 05
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    ESW 3.0x 08
    ESW 3.0x 09
    ESW 3.0x 10
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    ESW 3.0x 03
    ESW 3.0x 02
    ESW 30X 1