Swim Spa Model ESW 5.1

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  • The Swim Spa model ESW 5.1 SPA is even better than a pool ...it is a so-called luxury spa.

    This swim spa is distinguished from its competitors by a design oriented towards economy of operation and a quality of massage worthy of the highest ranges. With its unique shape, recognizable by all, it offers you two distinct spaces: one for the practice of swimming, which is a real mini fitness pool equipped with 3 turbo nozzles with tilting blades; the other massage part is equipped with 1 lounge and 3 seats for relaxing with family or friends, rocked by the rhythm of the hydro massages and air bubbles of the blower. All the positions and functions of the jets are specially designed for optimal relaxation and a unique effect in the spa area. Each place provides a specific massage program and is equipped with the best nozzles in the market for a unique balneotherapy effect and a longer life span.

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