Swim Spa Model ESW 4.0

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  • The ESW 4.0 Swim Spa combines perfectly the practice of countercurrent swimming and the benefits of the spa with its high-end equipment. The generous dimensions (5,70m x 2,20m, h 1,30m) of this swim spa offer ample space for swimming and leisure to practice water aerobics or other aquatic activities.

    The spa section is equipped with 63 powerful water jets distributed on 4 fully submerged ergonomic seats. Each jet is adjustable in intensity to make the massage soft and soothing or toned and powerful. Each spa user selects their own massage program according to the area to be treated and the desired effect. The result is a totally personalized hydro-massage session, which gives users a complete massage cycle, these comfortable and deep seats allow the body to be always immersed, two soft headrests hold your head while the jets ideally place massage your neck deeply by targeting pressure points to relieve tension.

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